Trade flows within the GMS subregion have increased by 20.6% from 2000-2006. We work to make cross-border transport and trade easier and more efficient.
The Thai-Lao Friendship Bridges span the Mekong River. Pictured is the Second bridge. The Fourth bridge will be officially opening 11 December 2013.
Trucks decorated for the Opening Ceremony for the implementation of the GMS Cross-Border Transport Agreement on the East-West Corridor.


The Greater Mekong Subregion Transport & Trade Facilitation (GMS TTF) program focuses on transport and trade facilitation measures that enhance connectivity across international borders and improves linkages among the six GMS countries for increased cross-border trade and investment. At the heart of the program is the GMS Cross-Border Transport Facilitation Agreement (CBTA), which consolidates all the key non-physical measures for streamlining the cross-border movement of goods, vehicles and people within the subregion.

What we do

We work to make cross-border transport and trade easier and more efficient, which includes assisting in the implementation of the Cross-Border Transport Facilitation Agreement (CBTA).

Knocking Down Borders in the GMS

Where we work

We work in the six GMS countries (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, People’s Republic of China, Yunnan and Guangxi provinces, Thailand and Viet Nam), with National Transport Facilitation Committees established in each country. Currently, nine routes in the subregion are considered economic corridors, which vary in their traffic flow and level of infrastructure development.