GMS Freight Transport Association - GMS FRETA


The GMS Freight Transport Association (FRETA) is a regional coalition of carriers, freight forwarders, logistics associations and individual companies that are interested in facilitating and developing trade and transport in the GMS subregion. It aims to function as a sustainable organization that represents the private sector in promoting transport facilitation initiatives and is part of the GMS-Business Forum (BF). The GMS FRETA office, established in Vientiane, hosted its first General Annual meeting on 31 October 2012.

GMS FRETA endeavors to find a common ground between the six GMS countries to help reach agreement on the rules and standards of freight transport. FRETA also strives to uphold industry standards by training companies, managers, drivers and staff on the proper and effective adoption of international best practices in transport and logistics, which helps raise the level of professionalism, efficiency and performance of its members.

Also within its advocacy role, GMS FRETA provides the private sector with a platform to represent the industry and to raise awareness on regional transport and logistics issues. It strengthens the cooperation between the GMS-BF and road carriers, forwarders and logistics associations and companies in promoting trade and transport facilitation.

To upgrade its operations, GMS FRETA needs to expand its membership and improve communication and coordination mechanisms. GMS FRETA must also increase its capacity as a regional training institution. Ongoing initiatives include the mutual recognition of standards and the improvement of the transport industry in the GMS, along with the creation of a feasible business model for financing fleet upgrading in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Viet Nam.

GMS FRETA will strive to work to coordinate its members in collecting high-quality data for the proposed GMS Corridor Performance & Monitoring Program (CPMM).

In addition, GMS FRETA conducts analytical work from the perspective of the private sector. Below are two examples of this:


Private Sector Views on Road Transport along the North-South Economic Corridor (NSEC)

This study aims to provide policy makers with private sector views on road transport, as well as the challenges facing the private sector in conducting business and trade along the GMS NSEC.


Private Sector Views on Road Transport for the Yangon–Mandalay–Kunming route

This study explores the views of the private sector on the present road transport challenges, voices their concerns and insights on development opportunities, and identifies priority activities for both the private and public sector to further develop the Yangon–Mandalay–Kunming route into an economic corridor.